Oats mango smoothie

Smoothies are a well known pick throughout the mid year season. they are healthy, flavorful, and invigorating. As are mangoes! Here is a heavenly smoothie formula with the decency of mangoes and healthy oats.

Elements Of Oats Mango Smoothie

2 Alphonso mango

15 gms oats

110 ml of milk

30 gms sugar or nectar

160 ml of yogurt

5 Almonds

The most effective method to Make Oats Mango Smoothie

1. Strip the mangoes, cut it into cuts, and keep it aside.

2. Warmth a pot with milk, include Oats, and cook for a couple of moments. Switch off the gas at that point include sugar or nectar and mix well. Let it chill off totally.

3. Ground the Almonds coarsely in the blender.

4. Presently mix the mangoes, Oats, Almond, Sugar, and Yogurt together until it gets smooth.

5. Put in the cooler for an hour and serve it chilled.

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