Hummus Beiruti is a Lebanese adaptation of Hummus that includes an extensive measure of garlic, carrying a bit of flavor to it. Sprinkled with olive oil, this dish is mostly matched with Pita bread.

Elements Of Hummus Beiruti

500 gms chana Kabuli

100 gms tahina

15 gms cooking pop

30 gms garlic

5-gram salt

Lemon salt

3 Lemon

50 ml of olive oil

level parsley, cleaved

onion, cleaved

bean stew, slashed

Instructions to Make Hummus Beiruti

1. Absorb chickpeas water for the time being.

2. Heat up the chickpeas, wash appropriately with cold water. Permit the chickpeas to cool.

3. Include chickpeas, tahini glue, salt lemon salt, and squashed ice in a food processor. Eliminate the hummus and include hacked onion, bean stew, parsley, and lemon juice.

4. Topping with olive oil, slashed tomatoes, and paprika powder.

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