dhora ra gotaka

Dhora Ra Gotaka is a mushroom-based scrumptious and unique combination of mushroom with wholesome ground spices. Goenka is a very unique species of mushrooms found for a very limited period in the monsoon showers.

Ingredients Of Dhora Ra Gotaka

1 Kg gotaka/Khumbu
100 ml of oil
5-gram cumin
120 gms onion
15 gms green chili
25 gms red chili powder
20 gms coriander powder
5-gram turmeric powder
25 gms garlic
10 gms green coriander
to taste salt

How to Make Dhora Ra Gotaka

1. Heat the oil in a pan, add cumin seeds. Now saute onion and green chili for a minute.

2.Mix red chilies, coriander, and turmeric powder in a bowl with water. Cook until the masala is golden reddish in color.

3. Add gotaka/khumbi and crushed garlic cook well. Sprinkle green coriander on top and serve hot.